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About Us

Color Pencils and I Love SchoolOur History
In 2001, when our family decided to immigrate in search of better opportunities for our daughters, we had many doubts about how we were going to start building a future for them in this new country. We know there were many opportunities, but we have language and cultural barriers. Still, the situation wasn’t an excuse to stop us from building strong based for our family in this beautiful country in which we have decided to continue with our experience and knowledge of caring for children. This way we decided to establish our first home day care which later became our center that has grown and keeps growing with the principle ingredients which are love and passion, which is essential on a business in early childhood. This way we are combining the diverse components in a center where each one of the hundreds of members that had the pleasure to be part of our family have a place where everyone no matter the culture, habits or race are welcome and have the opportunity to feel at home.