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Meet our Teacher

Our Teachers and Faculty at Koala Early Education Center, Inc.

students and their teacherWhy We are Different

Real teachers dedicate their lives making sure that each and every student would learn something new from them; not only academic learning but also life lessons.

  • Teaching is a job that requires not only knowledge but wisdom, a pure heart, an open mind, and true patience.
  • Teachers act like the student’s second parent.
  • Teachers make sure that their students don’t only grow up to be academically inept; they want all these children to grow up into responsible person who values moral values and respect the natural environment.
  • Teacher are well training in the latest assessment and evaluation practice CLASS.
  • Teacher are educated and continue their education on early child care.
  • Teacher are qualified with Child Care Development Associate CDA.
  • We are member of NAEYC AND FLAEYC.

If you are more than just a teacher who teaches the ABCs, we would love to have you here at Koala Early Education Center, Inc. Apply online!